come wander with us

…a strong desire for or impulse to
wander or travel and explore the world

[wander|lust] embodies the playfulness and interactive attitude of the Sienna Ray woman. We have personally selected the top 24 female fashion bloggers around the globe to participate in a hands-on review of the “makayla” bag from the ss2012 collection before it hits stores. One “mimosa” yellow bag will tour across the USA and a “sky” blue bag Internationally for one week with each blogger. Check out our “locate the handbag” page to keep an eye on our makaylas.

The goal of [wander|lust] is to share the Sienna Ray the luxurious from the outside in lifestyle with the fashion community while at the same time enticing a touch of friendly peer competition, fun & games between the fashion elites. During the final month of the campaign [wander|lust] followers will get the opportunity to vote for our fashion front-runner, the fav blogger who receives the most attention will win the opportunity to design a handbag with Sienna Ray’s Founder & Creative Director, Natalie Kathleen. Spread the word!



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