come wander around the world with us

up up and away we go!

[wander|lust] embodies the playfulness and interactive attitude of the Sienna Ray woman. We have personally selected the top female fashion bloggers around the globe to participate in a hands-on review of a bag from the S/S2012 collection before it hits stores. Each blogger has 7 days to complete our “trendy tasks” and then pass the handbag and journal on to the next style guru.The goal of [wander|lust] is to see which blogger gets the most votes by fans, and to drive traffic to the Sienna Ray website.

mr. bing

One of Sienna Ray’s inspirations for [wander|lust]  came from Jay-Z‘s viral marketing campaign with Microsoft’s search engine Bing to promote his book, “Decoded”. Fans had to use Bing to find the physical pages of his book scattered in locations around the world. This interactive virtual game increased Bing’s site by 11.7%- which was achieved without any other advertising during the program period. This campaign received a lot of press and was supper successful. Jay Z is definitely a rapper and business Mogul.

world traveler- flat stanley

Another huge inspiration for our traveling handbag came from Flat Stanley, a project started in 1995 by a school teacher in London, Ontario, Canada. Each participant would have to read the book Flat Stanley, make paper Stanleys, and keep a journal. The Flat Stanley is then passed on to the next person along with the journal.


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