Sara’s Style Passport Gets Stamped!

Blogger Q&A with Sara- Miami

1. I started my own blog because…”I tapped into my interest and it was fun! My own place in the internet world.”

2. My ultimate style icon is…”Someone who isn’t afraid to have fun with their style, someone who tries new things.”

3. I consider myself a…”b. Hiptser/Indie”

4. I realized I love fashion when…”My favorite game as a little girl was dress up.”

5. Three words that describe my style…”funky, edgy, comfortable.”

6. The best advice I ever received was…”be yourself and love it.”

7. My absolute dream job is…”to one day have my own designs in stores.”

8. One day I’d really like to…”a. Travel the world”

9. If we opened your Sienna Ray handbag what would we find? “Tons of junk! Old receipts, loose change, a handful of bobby pins and my favorite red mustache wallet.

Thanks Sara! We loved watching you rock our makayla from Miami to LA! Check out her blog fake empire.

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