Lisa Gets her Style Passport Stamped!

Blogger Q&A: Lisa- IL

1. I started my own blog because…”So I could have a creative outlet thats just for me to share my love of fashion without restriction.”

2. My ultimate style icon is..”Anna de Russo, Debbie Harry, OR anyone that lives in spikes and leather ;)”

3. I consider myself a “glam goddess, with an edge.”

4. Three words that describe my style are..”edgy, modern, and independent”

4. I realized I loved fashion when…” I would rationalize spending all my babysitting money on a pair of shoes because I “need” to them them.”

5. The best advice I ever recevied was…”never stop.”

6. My absolute dream job is…”to have 312 style grow into a must shop site.”

7. One day I’d really like to…”start my own clothing line, and publish a book (about shoes of course).”

8. If we opened your Sienna Ray handbag what would we find…”iphone, camera, hotpink lipstick, liquid eyeliner, mascara, CTA cards, and dry shampoo.

Thanks Lisa we LOVE your rocker glam style, especially that awsome pink tipped hair! Check out her blog 312style! xo

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