Laura from “little room in the north” gets her style passort stamped!

Blogger Q&A: Laura from Manchester

1.  I started my own blog because…”I waned to learn more about my style & connect with others.”

2. My ultimate style icon is…”at the moment Jenna Lyons!”

3. I consider myself a…”hispter queen.”

4. I realized I love fashion when…”I was a little girl & used to draw my own fashion designs.”

5. Three words that describe my style are…”classic, fun, sparkly.”

6. The best advice I ever received was…” do what you love.”

7. My absolute dream job is…”running my own small business.”

8. One day I’d really like to…” travel the world, start my own clothing line, & publish a book.”

9. If we opened your Sienna Ray handbag what would we find?…”lip balm, hand cream, my iphone, camera, and an umbrella…I live in Manchester after all!”

Thanks Laura for joining our journey all the way from the UK! Check out her blog:

little room in the north

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