Anna Wii gets her style passport stamped!

Blogger Q&A: Anna Wii, Sweden

1. I started my own blog because…”I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts and fashion tips.”

2. Mu ultimate style icon is…”Rachel Zoe- she is the ‘Boho Queen’ and a true fashionista!”

3. I consider myself a…”Glam goddess & hipster/indie”

4. I realized I love fashion when…”I was three years old and got my first pair of ‘heels’ (they were 2 inches haha)”

5. Three words that describe my style…”Optimistic, happy, and ambitious.”

6.  The best advice I ever received was…”Believe in yourself!”

7. My absolute dream job is…”To be a stylist for a fashion magazine.”

8. One day I’d really like to…”Travel the world & start my own clothing line.”

9. If we opened your Sienna Ray handbag what would we find…”Everything!! My wallet, sunglasses, make up, candy, paper/pens & gum.”

Thanks Anna! You are ADOREable & you rocked our makayla so well 😉 Check out her blog Anna Wii

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