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cool & collected- kristy elena

BIO: Kristy Elena- New York

This fashion, travel, and lifestyle guru started her blog while attending design school in Milan, Italy (how fab?!). She is not a fashion follower, rather she is a trend-setter. Kristy is a professional blogger for the sunglass hut on their fashion blog, full time fabulous. Her blog takes you on a world-wind adventure where she shares style tips, events, travels, and photographs of some pretty rad finds.

vogue gone rogue

lover all of things luxe & beautiful- Vittoria

Bio: Vittoria Giuseppa- New York

Fast-paced, fascinating, & fabulous are three words that can easily describe Ms. Vittoria. Her love of shopping, clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry have all been translated into her fashion & lifestyle blog….only the best for her followers! She posts five days a week every week about things she’s worn, made, learned, liked and coveted, sharing with readers a stylish but simple view into her experiences with fashion, shopping, cooking and celebrities. Vittoria’s learned that her passion for these interests grows even greater when it interacts with others.

the beautiful things


vintage maven- shareen

Bio: Shareen Sarwar- Miami

This blogger/designer is the definition of CHIC- we are in love with every outfit that she posts! Shareen and her hubby Jorge (photographer) make the perfect power team for Vintage Maven’s, their online shop, that carries hand-picked vintage items. She is also the designer of “We Are Vintage Mavens” a whimsical collection of women’s wear that is hand-made and vintage inspired. (btw her clothing is AH-mazing) Shareen’s blog showcases personal style, her city of Miami, and what inspires her.

vintage mavens


strike a pose- Sara

Bio: Sara Romero- LA

This 23 year old “wanderer” went to college for business & jumped into her first job as the personal assistant to the President of one of Florida’s well known public relations firms. Her true love of fashion has influenced her to head to Cali & attend FIDM in the late spring’12. Sara’s blog showcases her journey through her fashion “happy place”. She loves experimenting with different styles such as grungy, bohemian, and sometimes a little androgynous…but ALWAYS very chic with a pinch of edge.

fake empire


dashing daniela

Bio: Daniela Ramirez- Miami

This dashing diva is from Venezuela & currently sports her trendy looks in the city of Miami. She studied Fashion Merchandising AND Business Marketing- can you say beauty and brains? Her bilingual blog showcases daily outfit posts, styling tips and all things fashion. Daniela’s motto is you do not need a huge wardrobe or big budget to look like a million bucks- you just have to be creative & invest in key pieces that will make your “klozet” 10 times bigger!

nany’s klozet


master of colors & prints- Meanz

Bio: Meanz Chan- Iowa

This graphic designer, student, intern, artist and lifestyle blogger = jack of all trades! Her blog showcases her style journey, photography, thrift finds + adventures, art + design projects, food, inspirations and anything else that comes to mind. She is also the master of bold colors and patterns, her style is effortless and daring.

koi story


captivating Katherine

Bio: Katherine Tabinowski- Delaware

This fashion student & cat enthusiast loves the thrill of a great deal. Online shopping, giving style advice to her friends/readers, and attempting new DIY projects are what really “floats her boat”. Katherine’s style is forever changing, especially when she is testing out new trends and adding in her own personal touches. This fashionista is the queen of mixing thrifted pieces with higher quality ones, as well as pairing bold colors & patterns. Let’s just say she is def not afraid to experiment!

the style tab


sassy southern beauty stephanie

Bio: Stephanie Hargis- Kentucky

This southern beauty gives a meaning to style- anything but the ordinary, did we mention how fabulous her red hair is?! Stephanie’s blog showcases a few of her favorite things: fashion, personal style, marriage, love, music, and bunnies! Yes, bunnies. She is an avid lover of photography, writing, and putting together outfits. Stephanie’s blog is quite a mix up of all of the things that make her who she is.



Grungy, girly and studded Lisa

Bio: Lisa Goetzke- Chicago
Lisa is a 25 year old Fashion blogger and shoe hoarder stomping out a daily “So Shoe Me” segment for her local home of Chicago and beyond on A lover of leather, spikes and Chicago sports there’s more than meets the eye with this style obsessed blonde. With a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Lisa has the instincts and smarts to back up her inventive fashion sense. Grungy, girly and studded in diy styles this Midwest girl is anything but predictable.

312 style 


cool cali swagg Kiara

Bio: Kiara Schwartz- Huntington Beach, CA

Fashion, Style, Beauty and Life thats what a walk down Tobruck Ave will take you. Born in Vancouver, Canada raised in Switzerland now living the California life every step of the way has pointed blogger Kiara in the direction that fashion is her passion. She is one of those creative business types that can barley sit still for a minute! Her family is scattered across the world and Kiara has been lucky enough to have moved around from one beautiful city to the next. Her blog is named after a  street she lived on in North Vancouver… :-) Where it all started!

Tobruck Ave


Veronica bitter sweet colors & beautiful

Bio: Veronica- PA

Veronica Popoiacu is a freelance artist who studied Fine Arts in Romania and is now living the dream in the good ole’ USA! Veronica’s blog is her fashion canvas; being creative with  outfits and playing with colors-patterns in a minimalistic manner are her specialties. Her passions are art, fashion and photography which can be found in a unique colorful space Bittersweet Colours. She is inspired by all of the simple beautiful things…”inspiration is endless.” Besides being a fabulous fashion blogger, Veronica expresses her artistic abilities on a dual blog my stripe family. “Life is a wonderful journey.”

Bittersweet Colours


outdoors hipster diva Ashlee

Bio: Ashlee Foster- Oregon

Ashlee is an “outdoorsy” hipster diva who gives the term “glamping” a new meaning. She loves to draw, hike, and spend time with her friends & boyfriend (which is also her awsome photographer…how convenient!). Her life is spent in the sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny land of the Pacific Northwest, traveling around in an old Ford truck and looking for new adventures…always looking stylish of course.

Check out her blog faltering bird 


beautiful bethany

Bio: Bethany Struble- California

Bethany is a 20 year old mother, fashion blogger, and photographer from Los Angeles, CA. She has been blogging the past two years about her personal style and lifestyle posts about her daughter. Her style is all over the place (in a good way), we consider her a “fashion chameleon”.  Bethany loves trying everything, she can’t stick to just one look!

Check out her blog out of a book

inspiring erkia

inspiring erkia

Bio: Erika Marie- North Carolina

Erkia is a girl in love with all things fashion, photography, and modeling. Her icons include Audrey Hepburn, the Olsens, and Olivia Palermo. She enjoys attending Fashion Week and hopes to one day live in Paris or NYC, woking for a fashion magazine. Erika started her blog “fashion chalet” because of her initial passion to share. She enjoys connecting with her readers on similar topics of interests in fashion, music, food, movies and television. Blogging is an outlet for her to express herself in more depth of why she loves Fashion so much. “Clothing isn’t something you just wear, it’s a lifestyle and expression of who you are. My inspirations run deep … and I am inspired every single day by something new. Fashion holds a positive light and safe haven for me. “

her blog fashion chalet will not disappoint ♡




well-rounded fashion enthusiast- nikki

Bio: Nikki- Vancouver

This jet-setter spends her time between NYC & Vancouver, B.C. Nikki is all about fashion, style, music, traveling, & pop-culture. Don’t let her girlie looks fool you…she is also a sports fanatic and will challenge anyone to a game of wii! She has been featured in national/international media, showing off her sweet style & perspective of fashion. Nikki has also has a long list of fab collabs with Azritzia & Guess by Marciano (to name a few). She makes regular appearances on CTV News as a style expert & is a contributor to MTV Canada’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, FORA…this girl is a fashion POWERHOUSE.

a haute mess


ADOR-able Anna ♥

Bio: Anna Wiklund- Sweden

This sassy student has a big passion for fashion, which she expresses through her ultra feminine/glamorous blog. She also loves styling, playing around with her wardrobe, and taking photos of her daily outfits. (playing dress-up NEVER gets old) Anna tries to inspire others to take some risks in their closets; more color, patterns, and interesting accessories. Her style has a clear point of view…supper chic and out of the ordinary.

anna wii


love-A-ble Laura

Bio: Laura- England

Laura is a 23 year old style blogger from Manchester. She is a Masters student by day & fashion lover by night. Laura’s blog, “little room in the north”, is a space to show off her new finds or DIYs, and experiment with developing her style. She loves mixing classic looks with more eclectic pieces, and often can’t resist a trend! At the moment she is completely obsessed with printed cropped trousers, breton stripes and florals, but whatever the season, Laura will forever love beautiful handbags, shoes and any sparkly jewels!

little room in the north


Bio: Ester Durães- Portugal

Ester is an International Relations college student who was born in France but currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. She has a big passion for drawing & the arts. Ester decided to start her blog to share her artwork but, being the creative person she is, Ester immediatly realized that wouldn’t be enough to fulfill her blogger-life. She decided to share a bit more of herself. That’s what defines “Drawing Dreaming”, a mix of her artistic creations with the dreamer she is and always will be, the person who needs to express herself not only through traditional art but also through food, make-up and mostly fashion… pretty much anything that inspires her!

drawing dreaming 


Mari- modern day “Marilyn”

Bio: Mari Berset Lien- Norway

Mari is a 22 year old fashionista from Norway with a passion for fashion.  She is hitting the “Big Apple” soon to study design. “I know I am taking the right step, and i cant wait to visit the city that never sleeps.” Fashionadore (her blog) has become her “little baby”.  Mari’s blog consists of daily outfit posts, lots of heels, and fabulous dresses. We consider her a modern day Marilyn with some extra spunk & appeal.



German beauty

Bio:  Juliane Diesner- Germany

Juliane is currently a student in Hamburg, Germany majoring in media and communications.  Her blog is all about sharing her inspiration with other people, whatever comes to mind.  On her Blog you’ll find “all my favorite things!”.  Besides her Blog, Juliane loves to go for a walks with her Shiba Inu & read old classic books. Another really big passion in her life is traveling, she loves  to discover other countries and cultures.

Check out her blog Style Shiver