Vittoria gets her style passport stamped! – NY

Blogger Q&A- Vittoria Giuseppa, the-beautiful-things (NY)

1. I started my own blog because…”I wanted to share the things I’ve done.”

2. My ultimate style icon is…”That woman I saw walk past me today, yesterday, last week.”

3. I consider myself a: “glam goddess”

4. I realized I loved fashion when…” I could no longer close my closet”

5. Three words that describe my style…”feminine, sophisticated, confident”

6. The best advice I ever received was…” If you feel beautiful, you’ll look beautiful”

7. My absolute dream job is….” an art museum curator”

8. One day I’d really like to…”travel the world & publish a book”

9. If we opened your Sienna Ray handbag what would we find…” My blackberry, a bright purple wallet, makeup, nail file, & paper covered in random thoughts.”

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