Erica Marie channels a vintage look with our makayla♥

Bio: Erika Marie- North Carolina

Erkia is a girl in love with all things fashion, photography, and modeling. Her icons include Audrey Hepburn, the Olsens, and Olivia Palermo. She enjoys attending Fashion Week and hopes to one day live in Paris or NYC, woking for a fashion magazine. Erika started her blog “fashion chalet” because of her initial passion to share. She enjoys connecting with her readers on similar topics of interests in fashion, music, food, movies and television. Blogging is an outlet for her to express herself in more depth of why she loves Fashion so much. “Clothing isn’t something you just wear, it’s a lifestyle and expression of who you are. My inspirations run deep … and I am inspired every single day by something new. Fashion holds a positive light and safe haven for me. “

her blog fashion chalet will not disappoint ♡

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