Miss Niki from A Haute Mess gets her style passport stamped!


niki passport sienna ray wanderlust

Blogger Q&A: Niki Balsina: Vancouver

1. I started my blog because…”A friend suggested I do and I said, why the hell not?!”

2. My ultimate style icon is…”Hugh Hefner! Loafers and a robe? He’s killin it.”

3. I Consider myself…”A fashion chameleon”

4. I realized i loved fashion when…”I designed my first collection in grade 4.”

5. Three words that best describe my style…”Shameless, comfortable & fun.”

6. The best advice I ever received was….”Just do it! Nike slogans are so insightful.”

7. My absolute dream job is…”Fashion/accessories market editor OR food critic with a supper-fast metabolism.”

8. If we opened your Sienna Ray handbag what would we find? “iphone, day planner, notebook, wallet, sunglasses, lip stain, gum & headphones”

Thanks Niki! We ♥ love you …. a haute mess

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