sienna ray wanderlust
come wander with us

Concept: [wander|lust] embodies the playfulness and interactive attitude of the Sienna Ray woman. We have personally selected the top female fashion bloggers around the globe to participate in a hands-on review of the “makayla” bag from the ss2012 collection before it hits stores. One bag will tour across the USA and a second Internationally for one week with each blogger. Check out our “locate the handbag” page to keep an eye on our makaylas.

About the brand: Sienna Ray stands for quality, timeless elegance, and diversity. The collections offer unique designs with innovative palettes of lush lambskin leathers, marked by the signature print lining at their core. Developed with an eco-conscious mind, Sienna Ray handbags benefit from the finest materials and pioneering designs inspired by life’s daily moments. Each collection emulates the sophistication and playfulness of the confidant modern day woman who embraces a luxurious lifestyle from the outside in.

Set your standards high: the goal of [wander|lust] is for the participating fashion-elites to gain the most “buzz”on their blogs while driving the largest traffic to the Sienna Ray site, leading up to the final month where all blog followers will get the opportunity to vote for our fashion front-runner. The top blogger will be announced in March 2012. Each blogger will compete for the grand prize, an opportunity to design a handbag with Sienna Ray’s Founder & Creative Director, Natalie Kathleen.

Good luck to all of our style gurus’…happy blogging!