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who is sienna ray…

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“The happiest girls are the prettiest.” – Audrey Hepburn

My feet are my main mode of transportation carrying me along the beaches of Vancouver, through the valleys of California, amongst the energetic streets of New York City… experiencing and appreciating as much as I can amidst all the hustle.

To satisfy a great appetite for life, I look for innovative projects to undertake. What to create? Who will this help? A bit of an environmental enthusiast I hope to make an impact, no matter what size, that betters the world for someone else.

I find inspiration in all things. From personal style icons, to sights I’ve seen from above the pages of an addictive novel. My passion for exploration finds me in the most impressive paradises of sand & sun to the tranquility of lush, thriving landscapes adorned with heavy rain. As you’ll soon learn, I like to mix it up: from iced bubble tea on the boardwalk to colorful cocktails under the skyline.

All the beautiful things I see in the world spark something bright inside me. Timeless necessities that display elegance, while radiating delight and bliss, more than compliment my self-proclaimed style. Join me on this journey, through the abundant chapters of my life….