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Favorite Fashions: 2012 Grammys

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                #1. WORST MISSED ;( All of my ladies dazzled in chic nudes, classic blacks & bits of sparkle. The topic of the night was of course Huston ♥ Nikki made a strong statement performance (and not my best dressed list) AND Gaga- we missed you on the [...]

sienna ray’s select best dressed: 2012 SAGG Awards

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              The stars were shinning bright last night! From strapless mermaids, to a-line silhouettes, to va va VOOM slits, Hollywood’s finest stepped out on  the red carpet with no regrets.  Spring fashion made an appearance showcasing muted tones and dusted pastels, and of course black & white classics (with [...]

Golden Globes= GLAMOUR …except a few who missed the target

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BEST #5.   #4.   #3. #2.   #1. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..   WORST!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! (your stylist should be fired) #5.   #4.   #3.   #2.   #1. WORSTTTT   Hope you enjoyed our scandal and praise! What were your misses and hits?! xo