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a little something to read : #MonsterInLaw

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  In the short amount of beach time I was able to squeeze in this weekend while on the Jersey shore, aside from obtaining too many unwanted freckles, I managed to get through quite a bit of this fabulous sequel.  If you’ve read or seen the movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” I’ve personally seen it [...]

a little something to read : #DangerouslyInLove

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    A captivating read is a must have while trying to catch a tan (or in my case a burn). Poolside, by the beach, or in your room, a book is the perfect way to get lost in another world. This was the first one off of my summer list and I could not [...]

Guilty Pleasure: Lauren Conrad

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While the notorious Hills starlet has been absent from the small screen, she’s still been on our radar with her juicy L.A. Candy book series. Centered around the chronicles of one girl’s drama-filled adventures on a glossy docu-soap (ringing any bells?) the books have proven to be irresistible guilty pleasures. The final book in the series [...]