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celeb sightings: Marvelous “milfie” for Sienna Ray (Victoria Beckham)


chic mommy on the go


Sienna Ray's "miflie" bowling bag in jet


Perfectly Posh Victoria is at it once again! Always looking dolled up to the 9’s, she could use a Sienna Ray “milfie” bag to keep up with her luxurious lifestyle.   Not only is this handbag large enough to hold everything you could possibly need, it also has an optional cross body strap which enables the bag to be carried in a variety of ways.

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2 Responses to “celeb sightings: Marvelous “milfie” for Sienna Ray (Victoria Beckham)”

  1. Rebecca Lee on Facebook

    Oh no. I change my mind….

  2. Natalie Kathleen on Facebook

    LOL you may just have to buy a second one!