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it’s the subtle superstars along our paths that make it all worthwhile…

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Jonas + the jona

I know we’re always posting about the beautiful women who inspires us, enrich our desires & passion to dream and reach for the stars…. however there’s no need to be sexist here, there are often very special men in our lives that deserve a spotlight as well.

Today (in great honorary of my new love for #ThrowbackThursday!) I would like to take a moment to thank a dear dear friend of mine.

Jonas has enjoyed many ’5 minutes of fame’ along his journey of life up to this point: with great success through TV + Film, owning a thriving Fashion Boutique in Brasil, astounding recognition as an interior designer and winning great accolades as a top host in the Rocky Mountains of Canada – to name just a few!

I am proud to say I’ve offered him up another, with giving him a gigantic piece of my heart for being such an influencer in the first footsteps of Sienna Ray… it’s on his very kitchen table that the first bag of Sienna Ray was created; with his genuine love to see me succeed that boosted my confidence to step into the world of handbag design.

Therefore I was able to share forward with you all a gift from Jonas, naturally he became the muse & name behind my effortlessly chic jona clutch. Always being up for a good time, big or small (ok not sure if Jonas understands ‘small’ as everything he touches in this world is extraordinary!) each moment alongside him is always special.

This little jona clutch grew along the first years of Sienna Ray with many tweaks and updates… with many of you making me feel honored by sharing, to this day, how you still use your clutches from five plus years ago – love you!

Sienna Ray xx

Natalie, her bicycle, handbags & shoes and the Dragons Den Pitch Contest #DRAGONSUMMIT

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It’s all about traction & timing. With her infectious confidence & playfulness, Natalie Kathleen has grown her accessories brand from the ground up and now it’s time to accelerate to the next level….

natalie pitching Sienna Ray for dragons den #DRAGONSUMMIT

natalie pitching Sienna Ray for dragons den #DRAGONSUMMIT

natalie pitching Sienna Ray for dragons den #DRAGONSUMMIT

natalie pitching Sienna Ray for dragons den #DRAGONSUMMIT

natalie pitching Sienna Ray for dragons den #DRAGONSUMMIT

natalie pitching Sienna Ray for dragons den #DRAGONSUMMIT

natalie pitching Sienna Ray for dragons den #DRAGONSUMMIT

My amazing friends, fans & followers you can help Sienna Ray & Co. get up close & personal with Jim Treliving & Bruce Croxon Dragons’ Den by commenting on the YouTube video below & share share share with all you can!!

Natalie, her bicycle, handbags & shoes and the Dragons Den Pitch Contest #DRAGONSUMMIT

Event Friday Sept 28th @ CBC Studios Vancouver

part of Social Media Week

Sienna’s Stories : Save-oring This Time of Year

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No matter what your beliefs, the upcoming holiday season is referred to as the busiest time of the year… As a self-proclaimed clotheshorse, the holidays begin early with sample sale season! This is the beginning of my favorite time of year. Time to hunt for all kinds of things! From presents for others to presents for myself there are great deals to be found! A word to the wise for this week, this is where I will be going:

hanky panky lace love

♥'ly does of lace...

the row

bold + beautiful, sleek + sexy

Hanky Panky:  “For a little something pretty” Tuesday Nov. 15 through to Friday, Nov. 17 at 260 Fifth Ave (b/w 28th and 29th)

White + Warren: “My FAVORITE store to walk into and feel all the glorious cashmere”  Tuesday Nov. 15 and Wednesday Nov. 16th at 80 W 40th St (3rd Floor)

Armani: “Hurry! this began on Saturday Nov. 12th”  Dresses, Shoes, Jeans, everything is marked down and waiting to be claimed! Through Wednesday, Nov. 16th at 317 W 33rd St

The Row: “If you’re willing to climb the corporate ladder you will be willing to brave the crowds.. it’s only on one day!”  Career Wear Styles that easily transition to Happy Hour on Thursday Nov. 17th at 632 Hudson St.

The News Showroom: “Exactly how I picture the perfect sample sale, multi-brand with 60-90% off!”  Thursday Nov. 17th through Saturday Nov. 19th at 495 Broadway

Happy Shopping!

Sienna Ray xx



Sienna’s Stories : “Summer for the weather, Winter for the fashion”

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I heard a lovely quote this morning, “Summer for the weather, Winter for the fashion”. Someone is surely reading my mind!! Just maybe there is some truth to this 11/11/11 making for a magical day? I believe it.

I love the sun.

I love feeling the rays beat on my back on the beach while I lose myself in a novel. The brilliant sunshine makes me all the more excited for excursions of various length and distance. However, I think I love layering my outfits just as much as all of that, if not more. I embrace being able to capture a timeless look of sophistication with a classic LBD and other key pieces. My closet thrives on an extensive collection of neutral colors. I then utilize this bold canvas with various accessories that pop color and portray theme’s to showcase how I am feeling that day. I find this much more fun to do in the winter months than the warmer months.

I am really coveting colored tights this season. I am hoping to combine my love for sweater tights with this newest obsession. Digging back into the archives of Milan’s Fall/Winter Fashion Week 2011 there were many colored sweater tights to be seen. I recently picked up a gorgeous blue suede mini the other day that would like brilliant with some mustard or wine tights.


Models in Colored Tights


What is your favorite part of the seasons?

Sienna Ray xx

Sienna’s Stories : Does the city scare you?

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After several days hiatus I have returned. If you would like a sneak peek at what kept me so busy this weekend, take a look!  A big thanks to Rob Daly for this weekend, so lovely for you to make the trip! The weather here in NYC has continued to tease me. 70+ degrees Fahrenheit some days and not a drop of rain to be seen! I loathe the couple of days with inconsistent heavy rains, however, as much as my mood (& skin) will miss the constant sunshine, I cannot pretend I am not excited for a real AUTUMN weekend. With the Holidays just around the corner, I only have several weekends before the sequence of extended family gatherings begins (aka lots of traveling and not always on my own personal terms!).

Here are a couple of the things on the bucket list for this glorious fall…

Gotta love my WINE: I’ve heard from many of my girlfriends that the vineyard tours on Long Island are a must do! Many come with package deals for wine tastings at several neighboring vineyards: why get all that way for one, the more the merrier! Ironic as it is, I do not really think of the east coast of America when I think of wine. This ‘just outside the city’ adventure seems similar to a vineyard tour I went on last year in the gorgeous landscape of Oregon. Oh, the memories…

Bringing out the CHILD in me: Might I suggest venturing to the pumpkin patch very soon! With the beautiful weekends we have been having, I am sure the patch has been quite the hotspot for families, teens, young couples and really anyone (like me) that get’s all giddy over every little holiday throughout the year! A popular favorite, again out on Long Island, is the long standing Helen’s with a corn maze for the children, hot apple cider and a beautiful country view for a bit of FALL romance, and of course pumpkins for carving and recipes galore. I’m sure there are many in the tri-state area to get your Halloween sweet tooth fulfilled!

It definitely seems that Long Island is not just an escape from the summer humidity, but a great little weekend escape from the city for any season! Although NYC may be what brings people to this area… clearly there are hidden gems to be seen in the surrounding areas. Though, I personally do not want to miss the HARD Haunted NYC affair at Terminal 5! Skream and Benga, original dubstep DJ’s from the UK (a step away and above mainstream dubstep sounds) are performing with Joker this Saturday. I came across this tempting night out on the list of Fall activities (101 to be specific) in the latest TimeOut - be sure to check out number 74 for pumpkin patch fun IN the city. So excited to finally spend a long night dancing until the morning with the floors throbbing under my feet and flashing lights all around me.

What are you doing this weekend?

Sienna Ray xx

Sienna’s Stories : pinterest ADDICT

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Let me warn you… this post will result in the inability to tear yourself from your screen. Should you be at work – making your habitual coffee break stopover to “Sienna’s Stories” amongst your favourite blog updates – you may wish to halt and revisit at closing time before the distraction gets the best of you!

It has happened.

A genius has created a way for me to haul my inspiration boards from place to place, across America, and overseas! They call it Pinterest. (Oh, not to worry, they have an iPhone app). Whether you are a D-I-Y gal, clotheshorse, interior decorator, or iron chef, there are countless categories to create your very own digital inspiration board.

Addictive? Yes. Dangerous….? I should say not! After all, compiling all my ideas always leads to my best !

However, I have already begun to redecorate my apartment, which dangerously led me to “pinning” ideas onto a new board for my dream home. Even better, instead of ripping out magazine photos and raving about fabric swatches, I have zillions of wedding ideas at the tips of my fingers. As I pin away every idea seems possible and I am lost in a dream of extravagant weddings, resort worthy backyards, and outfit ideas for children that I do not have. Have I mentioned the best part? I was notified that someone began to follow all my boards! Off to exploring their compilation of boards, obviously…


What did I spy?? Not one but two, Sienna Ray’s from our Autumn 2011 collection! This pin was so elegantly placed on the board titled: “Fall Wardrobe Must Have’s” Clearly at this moment I could not agree with them more! Needless to say, I was inspired! This encounter combined with a very seasonal recipe, left me very suitably pinned. Give this a try!!

Sienna Ray xx

Sienna’s Stories : “Steven P. Jobs, a visionary.”

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Our lives are forever changed & enriched by the products continually produced by Apple.  Of course Apple products may not belong on the same pedestal of water, oxygen and other nutrients necessary for life…  Nonetheless, in my mind they fall to a very close second or third. (Not to mention the fact that I received an iMac in grade school which I then to my delight upgraded several times.)

Steve Jobs has changed the world of technology forever. Ten years ago, in October of 2001, Apple introduced the iPod. The concept of a music player had been done before. Technical associates, salespeople and research analysts all had commented that the price Apple decided on was the worst decision ever and that it would go, nowhere. Two years later the same comments were made about the iTunes music store and paying for virtual music files. As we all know now, not only were these successful ventures, but the predecessors for so much more (including for many other copycats).

Many tend to overlook his past projects, or were not around when these events took place. Steve pioneered the process of placing advanced forms of technology into the hands of people to use in their everyday lives. Apple may not be branded a PC but it was the first and most user friendly “personal computer” to ever exist. Apple continued to first develop their line of desktop computers with innovative varieties then turned to laptop computers, to handheld. However, that is too simple a statement for the transformation all these ventures had on the world of technology. (Pirates of Silicon Valley, a great story of Steve Jobs & Bill Gates).


As he leaves us, he managed to impress us once more with the boundaries he breaks with each update. Many do not realize how revolutionary the soon to be released iPhone update is.  Just as in the past, people spoke negatively of the possibility for the iPhone to possess Siri. Which according to Apple, is “the intelligent assistant that’s there to help. Just ask. Ask Siri to make calls, send texts, set reminders and more”. The Siri will instruct your iPhone to perform tasks with just the sound of your voice. THIS WILL MAKE LIFE SO EASY! (I thought he had already made it as easy for us as he was capable of, especially with walking  GPS apps!)

It takes people like Steve Jobs to really go in and change things, to make things happen. Not to worry, he has built a great team of successors, I still expect great things from Apple.

Sienna Ray xx

Sienna’s Stories : The Four Seasons

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This morning, opening my curtains I was greeted by numerous rays of sunshine. However, stepping out of the front door I was welcomed with the crisp bite of Mother Nature, FALL IS UPON US!

I look forward to this day, a lover of all seasons; I tend to play favorites with Fall. As this weather approaches we all come to find that our outerwear and accessories bear more importance to us than the underneath. Bring on the layers, bring on the boots, and bring on the soup!

There are countless symbols that Summer is over & Fall is upon us. I know for some it hits earlier during annual Labor Day celebrations, ironically a day typically paired with pouring rain and not a single ray of sunshine. For others, it is when Starbucks brings back the pumpkin spice latte or endless sales as stores make room for previews of Winter Collections. For me, Fall creeps up, but has not fully arrived until that first perfect day dictated solely by mother nature.

Which is why I am so excited to dust off my fall wardrobe for what I hope will be a full week of Fall. One pair of boots I am most looking forward to debuting is the Banana Republic “Ryder Rainboot”. The perfect choice when the weather will most assuredly be unpredictable but it is important to look polished, work appropriate, while still battling the bad weather.

Banana Republic, Rainboot, Riding Boots, Cold Weather

The past couple weeks I pulled on boots with tall socks only to end up sweating by the afternoon. The next day I opted for my trademark trench and rain boots, which I ended up carrying around instead of wearing. I was a little too eager to start the Fall season. Good news is, I have reusable bags stored everywhere for these kind of situations (thank you multiple Anthropologie purchases).

So, as I finally reopen the Fall section of my “Great Food Fast” Martha Stewart cookbook I will share my favorite cold weather soup with you! What do you look forward to most about the change of seasons? Besides an excuse for soup every day, the change of seasons for me marks an excuse for a new pair of boots, or several.

Sienna Ray xx


Pureed Butternut Squash Soup (adapted from FE “Great Food Fast”)

Serves 4 – Prep Time: 25 minutes – Total Time: 45 minutes

butternut squash soup, martha stewart, food everyday, seasonal soup, great food fast

Pureed Butternut Squash Soup

  • 2 Tbsp. Butter
  • 1 Small Onion, chopped
  • 1 piece (2 in) peeled fresh ginger, chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, chopped
  • 2 ¾ pounds small butternut squash, peeled, seeds removed, and flesh cut into ¾-inch cubes
  • ¼ cup fresh orange juice ( I have been known to add more depending on the taste, especially if I am serving it cold)
  • Coarse salt and fresh ground pepper

1. Melt the butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Cook the onion until fragrant (about 2 minutes). Add the ginger, garlic and squash to the saucepan. Stir occasionally for 6-8 minutes. Then stir in 4 cups of water. Bring entire mixture to a boil; then reduce the heat. Simmer until the squash is tender, about 20 minutes.

2. Puree the soup in two separate batches. Stir in the orange juice (again to taste) and 1tsp or so of salt. Serve hot with pepper if desired!

Tip: When blending hot foods, allow the heat to escape to prevent spattering. Remove the cap from the hole of the blender’s lid and cover the hole with a dishtowel while blending.

sienna ray