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wishlist wednesday: I wish to look fab…even in the rain!

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let it rain!


sleek finishing serum, a flat iron, and hairspray does wonders in the rain


Going for a night out and still want to look fashionable? Try these thick heeled rain boots, rain coat that adds a pop of color, and a feminine umbrella.


Want that sexy edgy east village look? Black is back! spice it up with a patterned umbrella.


Still want to go for shopping & lunch with the girls when it's down pouring? Now you can! Ankle cut rain booties, fun umbrella, and trendy raincoat- BOOM fashion central.


Who says you can’t look fabulous in the rain? As fashionistas, we make a vow to look great RAIN or SHINE. Sometimes I secretly look forward to the rain because that means its time to bust out the trendy rain gear! What did you say? You don’t have any fab gear in your closet? Girl step your game up! Lucky for you we have some amazing pointers to help bump up your style into the fabulous category. First things-first: you MUST add in a rain coat- depending on your style. If your going for a classic look we highly recommend DKNY (they have a great fit that’s true to size & affordable) or if your going for a funky piece with some color try Michael Kors. Next up- rain boots: we are loving the trendy Vivienne Westwood jellies, and of course the classic Hunter wellies. The last accessory to complete your new rain gear-a fun and flashy umbrella: try larger all-in-one stores such as Target, and department stores like Macy’s. With all your new gear you’ll be singing in the rain.  xo

well-dressed wednesday: Fall in Love with Fall!

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everything you need for fall

everything you need for fall and more


Colored leaves, cool breeze, and pumpkin spice lattes (yumm) can only mean one thing…October has arrived and fall is in full swing.  Finally we can express our fashion creativity with lots of layers and great seasonal accessories. Bring on the fur, tights, sweaters, and scarves! My favorite fall theme pieces this year can be summed up with long sleeve dresses, anything that’s knit, ponchos, and fur vests.  Keep it clean with muted tones of tan, camel, light rose, and add some deep purple for a pop of color.   Some great affordable finds displayed on our trend board include: an orche jacquard tunic sweater dress from Miss Selfridge, cream floral print snood scarf from Topshop, and a canny curry blazer by MBYM.  Did somebody say fall shopping spree?

well dressed wednesday: poolside charm

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last hoorah for the summer

I love dressing up for poolside parties. So many layers can be put on and taken off to create different looks!

well dressed wednesday: featuring Kayture

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This outfit was inspired by pebbles. They’re clean, white, and is strong and solid. The top Kayture is wearing is a white structured top. Her shorts are black which create a crisp contrast between the top and the bottom. I like the scalloped details because it gives the look a soft, yet clean edge. The Regal Sienna Ray bag is perfect for this outfit because we all know Sienna Ray is all about being luxurious from the outside in!

structured top and scalloped shorts

full outfit 

well dressed wednesday: denim fever

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dark color palette = sophistication

Chambray has been big this year. It has influenced many designers to use more denim in their design. Accessorizing denim could be tricky because the garment is usually already very bold in style. Try pairing your denim piece with dark colored accessories for an edgy, grungy, and sophisticated look.

well dressed wednesday: sunset beauty

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beautiful shades of a sunset

Regardless of which season it is, a sunset is always going to be beautiful. A sunset is romantic and warm. A neutral colored handbag adds warmth and class to any romantic look.

well dressed wednesday: pretty in pink

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Rock your pinks, oranges, and neons before the temperature drops, flowers wilt, and fall arrives. Pair a vibrant colored top with white bottoms. After all, white brings out the tan in every skin color!

less is always more

well-dressed wednesday: fashion two-way

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Do you wear boots in the summer and sandals in the winter? I’m only joking. Summer pieces look really chic paired with early fall items. Try a straw hat with a dark colored maxi dress, trench-like jacket, and chunky heels. A black handbag is versatile and can work any season, day or night.

well-dressed wednesday: bags to Fall for

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Though spring is my favorite season of the year, I prefer dressing in sumer/fall clothing. There’s something aesthetically  pleasing about light jackets, maxi skirts, white jeans, and booties. For the fall, I’m loving the capsule bags in varsity colors (maybe because I am a rising senior in college and I am having college withdrawal symptoms already?) 

introducing the capsule collection

must- have mustard bags

well-dressed wednesday: sweet sample sale alert!

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…way too many great summery pieces to choose from!

sample sale one of a few dace sienna ray handbags

thursday july 28th 11am-7pm

dace | one of a few | erin templeton

@300 – 76 W. 6th Ave (@ Manitoba)

well-dressed wednesday: recreate Anouska’s look

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Today we’re recreating Anouska Proetta’s look. She’s a photographer and blogger from Dublin. She was voted Ireland’s most influential model. Follow her on twitter here.

leather fever

Sienna Ray Katie pleated boho in maple, T by Alexander wang blouse, Kelly Bergin leather shorts, CO-OP Barneys belt , and Lanvin shoes

well-dressed wednesday: chiara ferragni of the blonde salad

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fab exclusive visit at Guerlain cosmetics (LVMH headquarters)

after attending a Mulberry party

Cannes red carpet

Who: Chiara Ferragni. Student, fashion blogger, and shoe designer.

When: Started in October, 2009

Why: Wears fabulous, dreamily high end designer labels. She attends exclusive events like the Cannes red carpet, Mulberry party, and frequents fashion week shows. Her blog is definitely fun, exciting, and different. She also features her adorable pug every once in a while.

well-dressed wednesday: jane aldridge, sea of shoes blog

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heart throbs for the suspenders

4th of july recap

loving the pup!

chunky heels are easy on the feet and eyes

Who: Jane Aldrige

What: Sea of Shoes, a very influential blog as it has followers from all ages, styles, and personalities.

When: launched in 2007 as a hobby

Why: She can carry out any look or trend. As exhibited, Jane can go from preppy americana to romantic. She has done some collaborated design work with Urban Outfitters Footwear and with Gryphon. I definitely am looking forward to seeing what becomes of the blog in the next few years!

well-dressed wednesday: Elizabeth Clark

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perfect hair


a classic summer look

her 22nd birthday outfit

Who: Elizabeth Clark

What: Chic Heroin, fashion blog

Where: Toronto, Canada

Why: A great mix and match-er who incorporates vintage, high and low price points in an outfit. She wears Ferragamo, Club Monaco, Zara, and of course, vintage pieces. A go to blog on how to top off a summery Zara dress with vintage jewelry, and a Ferragamo bag.

Chic Heroin by Elizabeth Clark

well-dressed wednesday: Nikki Blasina

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loving the turban

jealous of her long legs

Who: Nikki Blasina

What: A Haute Mess, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog.

When: In 2010, A Haute Mess was named one of the Top 15 Fashion Blogs in Canada.

Why: Her sense of humor, point of view, and style of writing are very unique. A very personable and likable blogger. I also ADORE her love for turbans. I just got my first one last week and will be referring to her blog on how to wear/style these wonderful headpieces (no pressure here Nikki).

A Haute Mess by Nikki