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Exclusive Summer Excess Online Sample Sale! ♥

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Online Sample Sale:

Our summer gift to you! We at Sienna Ray love our “fab fans”.

Submit your FAV summer excess photo to unlock your invitation to our exclusive online sample sale (up to 80% off styles!!). Please POST or EMAIL your photos to our facebook page or send directly to, and we will post on your behalf. In return you will receive back our exclusively priced bags and footwear selection.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL + ground shipping, as always is included ;)

Summer Excess Contest Details:

*It gets even better! Whoever gets the most “likes” on their photo WINS A PAIR OF SIENNA RAY SUMMER SANDALS! Now that’s what we call celebrating summer excess in style ♥

Contest Rules:
- one photo per person…so make it your best!
- “like” us on facebook
- Get your friends & fam to like your photo, popularity wins this race!

Good luck and lets have some fun xx

Beach Babes! ✹ What to pack ✈ #Shade&aVaca

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Woo! Put the paperwork down and get out your swimsuit out…HOLIDAY VACA IS HERE! Whether you are jetting off to St Tropez (like Ms. Sienna Ray herself gathering inspirations for our next collection) or just taking a long weekend at your local beach, we have the ultimate holiday vaca packing guide for you. Now turn up your tunes and pull that suitcase out- lets go!



Crafted Tassel Bikini – ITS ALL ABOUT THE FRING!

Shimmi- gotta love strings & neon

Nora Kamali- figure flattering suit that works WONDERS

Milly- fun prints are HOT this season


DVF- floor length plunging neck YUM

Mulberry romper- fun & playful

JCrew- sexy beach skirt


ASOS- cheer top dresses are IN

Mason- how can you go wrong with a red hot pelum corset?


Sienna Ray “louise” glitzy flats- wear them to the beach or wear them to dinner…fashionable/functional

Valentino wedges- how can you resist?


Sienna Ray & Co. ‘pippit” mini cross body- the ULTIMATE travel/holiday bag

Sienna Ray & Co. “sunday” belt- sight seeing or beach time, this belt purse is perfect

Oasis multi bangles- get your arm party on!

pardon my swagg- Jimmy Swagg eyewear…get your stunna shades on

H&M- floppy hat, shade your face while looking fabulous


Frederic Fekki Summer Hair Zero Hummidty Frizz Control- need I say more?

MAC refined golden brozner- we never leave home without it

Neutrogena Agless Essentials with SPF 25- tan is hot, wrinkles are not

Maybelline Falsies mascara- fake eyelashes not needed

Stila lip glaze- sexy and natural kissable lips (do I smell a summer fling?)

Now your almost done packing!! Just a couple more things to add in that will make your vacation completely FABULOUS!

50 Shades of Grey set- Now I know what your thinking…BUT don’t you want to see what all this buzz is about? Kick your feet up and make sure you have a cold drink while reading because it is SUPPER STEAMY

Flo Rida- the full album from itunes will not disappoint

Yup, it’s official…there is now a full “hungover cure kit” for purchase including all the essentials

Now we have covered everything! Zip up your suitcase and have a wonderful holiday! xx

traveled thursday: California Dreaming- Napa Valley Wine Tasting

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wine country

wine mecca of the world

napa valley wine country

breath taking napa valley winery

napa valley red wine

vintage red wine from napa valley


There is only one thing that comes to mind when we reach this day of the week, “Thirsty Thursday”! It is time to kick back and unwind with a great glass of wine. Napa Valley, located in northern California, is known as the mecca of wineries and vineyards.  Why not kick off your Napa Valley excursion with an adventurous wine tour?  The tours point out landmarks-wineries along the way, and tell stories about local history and winemaking. The best part of the tour is tasting some of the world’s most delicious wines!

I know what your thinking…not everyone has the funds to visit Napa Valley for a wine tasting tour. Lucky for you every major city has a first-class winery or local wine events that offer tasting selections to fit everyone’s unique palette. If you’re located in NYC check out local wine events to get your drink on.

travelled thursday: Polish dupe of Rachel Zoe’s new apartment

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Everything Rachel Zoe does these days seem to make such a statement. Remember my recent obsession with Lulu Frost rings, well she just blogged about them and everyone is going ba-na-nas for the rings.

I just saw an episode of the Rachel Zoe project of her moving into her new apartment. It’s very clean and there is a lot of white. Check out this house designed in Poland that resembles what Rachel Zoe has. Isn’t gorgeous?

loving the chalkboard wall

gotta love the high ceiling

great possibilities for mix and matching

travelled thursday: apple picking

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Something in the air this fall feels very different, in a special way. It definitely seems to brings out the energy in a lot of people. It also me and motivates me to go out and venture more. If you’ve got a bountiful amount of energy, I suggest going apple picking. You get to see gorgeous scenery, get fresh air, maybe picnic some, and come home with a basket of fresh apples. Plus, the scent of macintosh apples is just so wonderful!

The fall also marks the beginning of many beautiful things. Leaves turn golden brown and all of the sudden parks seem even more romantic a place to be. Following a new hire of a PR intern starting next month, Sienna Ray is going to be taking on a very original project- how exciting!

where Ben and Jerry's originated

the great (also my second home), Massachusetts

gems in Washington

North Carolina beauty

travelled thursday: adventure trips

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Vacation doesn’t have to equal expensive spa sessions at five star hotels. All you need for a fun, adventurous trip is a “yes” attitude.

Hiking, walking tour, kayaking at an extraordinary destination can be extremely rewarding. Save yourselves the trouble of research and go with a travel agency like the Austin Lehman who specializes in multi sports tours, or the Boundless Journeys. I guarantee you’ll come back fit, satisfied, and rejuvenated!


picture perfect

a "wish you were here" moment

travelled thursday: london’s retro sweets shops

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This labor day weekend I found myself sitting alone in my new apartment with no cable or internet service. After hours of unpacking and cleaning, I decided to re-watch the first of the Harry Potter (HP) series, Harry Potter and the Sourcerous Stone. The scene where HP bought all the candy from the candy truck on the train got me really envious and craving sweets. I did some research and came upon these cool retro sweets shops in the UK.

Click on the images to learn more about each store.

any sweet tooth's heaven

hand made chocolate in whimsical forms

the cupcake craze

Travel & Leisure

travelled thursday: time traveling through scents

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There’s no doubt that scent triggers memories. For me, the smell of pumpkins or pumpkin pies always brings back memories of boarding school. At about sunset, my dorm mates and I would set newspaper down to start cutting open pumpkins and pull the seeds out (which are delicious when baked with a little olive oil and salt by the way). We’d be done carving at about dark, the perfect time to light a candle and put it in the pumpkin.

What are your fondest memories of the fall? Try lighting up a few memory triggering scents around the house and see what a difference it makes on your mood!

packaging is just as important as the scent itself

makes me crave a pumpkin pie

mm spiced pumpkin

pumpkin melts for those not fans of candles

travelled thursday: devoto house, argentina

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gorgeous exterior

easy on the eyes accents

amazing pool

screams fun

What’s your dream house like? Is it modern, sophisticated, warm and homey, or … is it more about living with people that you about and cannot live without?

travelled thursday: rayuela

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Rayuela- Spanish for “hopscotch”. The restaurant is a “freestyle Latino” cuisine. Their signature dishes include ceviches and tapas.  The restaurant is run by Executive Chef Máximo Tejada, up-and-coming restaurateur Hector Sanz and Paul Fernandez. What I love most about the restaurant is the ambiance and decor.

love the tree as a center piece

the bar area

as fancy as a hotel's bathroom


travelled thursday: escape to istanbul

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Should travel be adventurous or relaxing? For some, traveling thousands of miles to get to a destination is more tiring than rewarding. For a frequent flyer like me, I like to be adventurous and take 14 hour plane rides to amazing, exotic destinations.

Escape to Istanbul offers a  seven nights from $3,300 – $4,000. I’ll let the pictures do the convincing.

amazing ambiance lighting

so colorful!

very spa- like

 Escape to Istanbul

travelled thursday: Pod, asian fusion cuisine

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Pod is an asian fusion cuisine under the STARR group of restaurants. If you’re not in Philadelphia, play with the Cocktail Generator (red tab on the side) on their website. You get a remedy name (pod’s colors): red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. A cocktail’s recipe is generated. It’s pretty cool!

the lighting in pods turns a different color every 5 mins

great for sushi as well as drinks

looks completely different at night than day

travelled thursday: tubo hotel

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I got very excited when Natalie suggested I write about Tubo Hotel in Mexico. That is because their website is partially written in Spanish- my minor finally came in handy aha! To be honest, I read a short blurb in Spanish on the welcome page before quickly clicking onto the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab.

What amazes me about the place isn’t the ambiance, decor, or concept, but the price. The room goes for only $500 pesos all year  round! Take a look at what cool architecture the hotel is!

cozy set up

how cool!


Tubo Hotel


travelled thursday: mobile fashion, convoluted construct

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Pop up stores and businesses like Cool Haus has taken retailing to the next level. This weekend while in Soho, I stumbled upon the 83 Anomaly, an installation disguised truck that houses Convoluted Construct, a line of art inspired graphic tees. Now next time you go shopping, would you rather make it an experiential one, or would you rather visit a traditional store.

the interior looks even more amazing

their fabric business card

Convoluted Construct 

travelled thursday: harry potter landmarks, in & around lovely london!

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What will you be doing this weekend? Will you be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part two?

In celebration of Harry Potter’s last series that is hitting theaters at midnight today, Sienna Ray is going to highlight a couple of Harry Potter landmarks in London. When visiting, be sure to stop by the Gloucester Cathedral and the infamous University city in Oxford!

Happy Thursday and I hope all of the die hard fans out there were able to get their hands on the tickets for tonight! Be sure to let us know how the movie went!

Gloucester Cathedral, the hallway Harry Potter frequents at Hogwarts

Oxford, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Oxford... not a bad place to call home for those Uni years!

travelled thursday: singapore airlines, voted best first class

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The new Singapore Airlines suites

first class seating for VVIPs

only very long legged children could kick your seat

If given a choice between a first class ticket or a luxury hotel room suit, I’d definitely go with the first class ticket, especially if it’s with Singapore Airlines. Their first class seating was voted best, placing Emirates second. Check out the perks of flying first class!

What you get for your $$: Dom Perignon and Krug champagne, Givenchy sleep suits and slippers, Ferragamo toiletries, a down duvet and oversize pillows, 23 inch LCD screen, noise cancelling headphones, and more.

Singapore Airlines

travelled thursday: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

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With the upcoming celebration of 4th of July in the U.S. and Canada day on July 1st, it seems everybody is taking off for vacation. Deciding to go on vacation is easy. The hard part is deciding where to go. Most spend a lot of time researching hotels on the internet to find the best deal for their bucks. Allow me introduce you to Mr. & Mr. Smith, a website that will make planning your trip seem like a breeze.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a luxury website that anonymously reviews stylish boutique hotels and vacation rentals in order to ensure their customers have a great time on their vacation. The list of countries one can visit goes on and on, but do not fret un-decisive ones, their website is very easy to navigate. You also get a bottle of champagne at check in if you book with Mr. & Mrs. Smith – now that’s my kind of lush!

oh so romantic

does prince charming live in that mansion?

worth a thousand words

Mr. and Mrs. Smith luxury boutique hotels