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Get Out Your Nike Gear- The NYC ING Marathon is Here!

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the race runners


three cheers for you!


the thrill of the finish line


Throw on your stretchies and Nike gear- it’s all going down this Sunday, November 6 starting at 8:30am. The ING New York City Marathon is one of the world’s largest great road races, attracting more than 100,000 applicants annually. The marathon course goes through some culturally diverse neighborhoods, crosses five bridges, and finishes in world-famous Central Park. (yikes! that’s a long run) More than two million spectators flock the sidelines, cheering for the runners the entire way- what an amazing accomplishment. If you are not the “running” type no worries! The marathon has live entertainment, cheering stations, and a great way to tour NYC.

Barefoot running- in stoplight colors

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While venturing out of my comfort zone this weekend at a stoplight party I ran into a girl sporting a pair of the most luminous running shoes imaginable. I am not usually one to strike up a conversation with a stranger but I was so intrigued I had to ask about them!

Besides showing a fantastic version of “it’s complicated” status at said traffic signal event, she went on to tell me how the Newton running shoe is super practical as well as on-trend with spring’s brightness craze. Best known for  replicating the benefits of running barefoot without having to actually run barefoot, vastly reducing hip and knee pain. Using very advanced technology they are at the forefront of their industry – with many casual to professional athletes becoming huge supporters in quite a short period of time.

And as we all love our multi-tasking, whether it’s getting through a tough work week or accessorizing with a handbag that goes from day to night, if this new friend of mine had to run somewhere after the party (no pun intended) she would be more than good to go!

gotta love the sole!

Newton Running Shoes are headquartered in Boulder, CO and sold worldwide – including a fan favorite Brazilian running store on the Upper East side of Manhattan Track & Field store

eye candy for the Summer.. yummy

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So with bikini season approaching very fast I came across these excellent classes that are getting rid of the extra winter baggage…

Word on the street is that this Core Fusion programs beats all others around with their modern ballet infused aerobics PLUS the bonus toosh clencher is that the instructor on Friday mornings at their Gansevoort Meat Packing location looks, sounds and acts just like Matthew McConaughey! Maybe even a little better looking, if that’s even possible.


extreme ballet Jane Fonda style workout!

extreme ballet Jane Fonda style workout!

my dream trainer




More info on Exhale Spa classes, locations etc. can be found here.