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A dash of PUNK COUTURE @ The Met

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So what to do when a Central Park picnic takes a rain delay….?

Take the girls to brunch and a bit of culture!

No need to look all too far away – been meaning to check out the PUNK exhibit since admiring all the rocker red carpet style from the Met Gala… while equally pondering just who were the stylists behind some of not-so-punk-tastic looks!?

And wow who knew what genius could be concepted with a few safety pins, studding, papier-mâché, spray paint & garbage bags!

BONUS discovery: new found love for the talent behind Maison Martin Margiela, impressive!

PUNK @ the Met

PUNK @ the Met

PUNK @ the Met

PUNK @ the Met

PUNK @ the Met

PUNK: Fashion at Metropolitan Museum May 9–August 14, 2013

modern monday: the museum of modern art

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I was fortunate enough to hear Derek Lam, fashion designer, speak on Saturday. He had said being in the fashion industry means you have to keep up to date culture and current happenings. The Newspaper, internet, books, etc. do the trick, but why not visit a museum? The place is filled with culture and is not a bad source of entertainment!

If you can’t make it to The Moma, be sure to visit Google Art Project, where you can hundreds of artworks from museums all around the world.

flap Sofa in plated steel

synthetic velvet and fabric dye

the cabinet of souls

The Moma