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fab finds: Bad Hair Day? Throw on a Trendy Turban!

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style influencer Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) spreading the turban trend

Carin Wester "marrakesh" turban from Urban Outfitters


leopard print turban by River Island


Eugenia Kim "dominique" hand-knit turban hat


Hats are instant style ooomphers. In days when you can’t think of anything to wear, just put on something casual then add a nice hat. Ta-da! Fab in an instant! The latest craze in fashion are turbans. This international inspiration piece has been around for a while, but has recently gained much recognition. The best part about a turban is they look good on everyone- long hair, short hair, curly hair, or straight hair. Turban hats also come in a variety of colors and fabrics. We reccomend a shinny satin piece (you can add a brouche for some bling) for evening or holiday event, a printed turban to spice up a plain outfit, and a cotton/knit option for a casual look.  If you choose to make your own turban you can actually create one with an old scarf. Here are the steps:


steps to creating a turban


We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Make sure you post some pics of  wearing one (even tag us in it).

feel good purchase from Aladdin’s hat stand- West Village

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It’d be a fantasy come true if one ran into a magical genie on this hottest humid afternoon. I would ask him so many questions- like how he felt when he told Princess Jasmine the truth and how it felt to ride on the magic carpet…. I could use that breeze right now!

My fantasy sort of came true today when I found my Aladdin- right here in West Village, New York, selling hats! I try my best to be an avid supporter of local designers/ boutiques, so I could not resist supporting the little hat stand next to Hummus Place. The owner (Mister Aladdin himself is relaxing behind his collection in the picture below!) was so sweet that I could not resist making a purchase. It was 6PM on a very hot day and I was his first customer. He cut me a deal on the hat and I got it for $22. I wouldn’t say it’s a steal but I wouldn’t bargain with Mr. Aladdin.

Now if he was to be really generous, he should take me for a ride on his magic carpet with Abu.

can you spot him?


the hat!