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the summer goddess glow : #heartbraid

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happy & stylish heart braid

Fashion Week is back around the corner – means get ready for style inspiration coming at you from every angle. I personally love the hair and makeup walking down the catwalk. How they want to make the girls get noticed for their beauty yet must keep eyes on the prize of the new collection. Let’s see if this new take on the braid (which I personally refer to as a plait in the english manor!) hits to paparazzi snaps next week!?

lotions + potions : #ChalkboardNails

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chalkboard nails2

A picture says a thousand words – write your own story and present it to the world one hand at a time!

Feminine Friday: going gaga for vintage gloves

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lace white dressy gloves

playful white lace gloves


white gloves

soft crochet net vintage gloves


evening gloves

"old hollywood glamour" sleeved vintage gloves


Get ready ladies, everyone is going gaga for gloves! I’m not talking Michael Jackson (sequin disco balls) or Madonna (finger cut outs)…it’s all about the vintage visionaries. Inspired by style icons such as Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn, vintage gloves ooze feminity and charm.  Now that the cold weather is quickly approaching, time to bust out your  inner  “old Hollywood glamour”.  Perfect with your fav flowy dress, trendy winter cape, or cashmere sweater- gloves give you that little something extra. Whether your gloves are lace, knit, or crocheted there is a chic pair out there for you.




feminine friday: best fashion magazine covers in 2011

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Considering the styling, make up, hair, wardrobe, and accessories, these 5 magazines had the best covers in 2011. Props to the amazing photographers, stylists, models, and cast and crew of these fashion shoots!

elle belgium january 2011

w magazine march 2011

bazaar mexico may 2011

w magazine july 2011

vogue spain august 2011

feminine friday: healthy looking skin with rodin olio lusso

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It’s important for women to take care of skin in order for it to age “gracefully”. According to the healthy skin bible, sunscreen must be put on every day and reapplied every so often through out the day. The most overlooked rule is definitely moisturization. It is an quick and easy step that makes a huge significant difference on the complexion of your skin.

Rodin Olio Lusso here makes oil products for the face, body, and hair. Luxurious ingrediants like jasmine, rose hip seed, sweet almond, jojoba, calendula, and many more are used in the products. Even the packaging looks luxurious and expensive.

their face and body oil, lip balm, and luxury hair oil


 rodin olio lusso

feminine friday: hair color for fall 2011

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There’s no doubt the fall weather is upon us. I’m sure your closets are stocked with luscious cashmere sweaters, beautiful scarves, and cozy mittens. The question is, is your hair (color) ready? Bleach blonde, fiery red ginger red, and chocolate brown were THE shades for the summer, but not so much for the fall. Take a look at these three “it” shades for the fall.

4 shades for fall 2011

perfect balance of ash and natural blond

toned down ginger

hazel nut brunette

feminine friday: celebrity Maltese

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cyrus & sophie


Don’t these celebrities look great with their maltese? They’re so small, fluffy, and loving!

feminine friday: jewelry watches

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Who would want to use their smart phones to tell time if they’ve got a fancy, fabulous, statement piece of jewelry watch on their arm? Don’t worry, if you can’t afford Chanel, Swatch has some pretty good selections that won’t break your bank.

perfect for the winter

definitely a statement piece

(the bling) can seriously hurt someone's eyes

just gorgeous


feminine friday: hurricane ready umbrellas

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Okay, raise your hands if hurricane irene or the earthquake that happened in virginia made life a little harder for you. For all you Atlantic City go-ers, I’m sorry to say (if you haven’t heard) that the place will be closed- only their third time in the past 33 years…. And know I wasn’t thrilled to have my work lost on Tuesday when the aftershock of earthquake hit NYC.

What I’m trying to say is..  ’”when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” There are going to be hiccups in life and you’ve just got to make the best of a situation. With the storm coming, I know I will be looking forward to using my new Opening Ceremony umbrella.

what gets me through my bad days

i adore this umbrella

and I adore this one too...

feminine friday: benefit cosmetics

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Good make up can totally change your look and appearance. I for one have an issue with dark circles. They make you look tired and unhealthy. Your appearance is important because your  co-workers or friends’ view of you matters. To awaken your look try putting on concealer where necessary, mascara on the lashes, and blush on the cheeks. See pictures below what a difference make up does!

erase paste. perfect for really dark under eye circles

eye bright. highlights eyes, cheeks, and nose bridge

feminine friday: the little bra company

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Did you know that many women wear the wrong bra size? The smallest bra size offered at Victoria’s Secret may not be the right fit for you. The Little Bra Company offer sizes as small as 28A. Haven’t you heard?Good things come in small sizes… And you do not need to invest in sports bras!

lace up!

The Little Bra Company 

feminine friday: posing tips

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Want to look good (in person) and in a picture? Make up and hair aren’t the only things you can do to enhance your looks. Here are a few helpful posing tricks and tips that will make you shine in pictures.
  1. Cross your legs, put your bag in front of you or your hands on your thighs. Smile demurely.
  2. Placing your hands on your hips and pull elbows back.
  3. Putting your hands on your hips creates an illusion that your legs are longer than they actually are.
  4. Put chin down and tilt head a little.
  5. As a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t look like you’re posing. It should look natural.

confidence helps posing look effortless

a pose that works every time

accessories help ease awkwardness

Source: Glamour, Image: Kayture, The Blonde Salad, and Lookbook


feminine friday: engagement rings

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I’ve recently been watching the CWTV’s Shedding For the Wedding show. It got me thinking about which kind of an engagement ring I’d want in the (not near) future. It’s normal to ponder these things right? Or have I been influenced by my friends who, on our senior trip, flipped through magazines in search of the perfect wedding dress. What do you think of my find (assuming Mr. Right is very wealthy)?

might hurt someone's eyes when in sun

beautiful ring, but I'm afraid the rock will fall off!

I'm a sucker for pearls

Jacob & Co., GelinAbaci and Mikimoto

feminine friday: Boo!

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Dogs or puppies in the arms of a man or a woman never ceases to attract attention from passerby’s on the streets. This summer try walking you friends’ or your next door neighbors’ pups and see if you can’t pick up any cute guys or girls at the park! I’m currently obsessed with Boo, a Facebook dog star that has over 1,300,000 fans. He’s looks completely different groomed! Enjoy the photos!

before & after grooming of Boo

all snuggled up

sleepy much

feminine friday: molly b bikinis swimwear

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The secret to rocking two piece bikinis? Confidence. If being confident means getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes everyday for a week, do it! Your body will thank you for the work. If tired of the gym, Self Magazine has some great, fun tips on how to burn calories, right at the beach!

also can be worn as a bandeau


a classic wardrobe staple

loving the scenery

Molly B bikinis on Etsy