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Softly Sophisticated.

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Natalie Katheen in Sienna Ray Lioness Apres clutch + Rosa Wrap bracelet + MAGA vintage shades by Kajal London

Natalie Katheen in Sienna Ray Indikon Apres clutch + Shannon Shiang Gold Dust Ring + MAGA vintage shades by Kajal London

Natalie Katheen in Sienna Ray Lioness Babette pouchette + Rosa Wrap bracelet + MAGA vintage shades by Kajal London

My passion for creation is relevant in every step I take; whether it’s directly designing accessories for the collection, or building relationships with all the beautiful people I am so privileged to meet along this journey.

Credit for this fun photoshoot reaches out to a very talented business woman who feeds her creative side through the her vintage eyewear brand, Kajal of Kajal London. We first connected through a now very good friend of mine, whom I met in a factory elevator when I very first started calling NYC home. Hence not only am I humbled to be collaborating in Kajal’s Distinction Portrait Book, it is such an honour to witness us build such a supportive community. In a fashion world so often full of intimidation, it is as we step out of our comfort zone our businesses truly grow and flourish.

Today I’d like this feature to represent the #PowerOfHello – as you just never know what inspiration will be found through looking outward and smiling at strangers.

(Natalie Kathleen wearing: MAGA vintage shades by Kajal London, Sienna Ray lioness après clutch + antique jewelry rosa wrap bracelet; Sienna Ray indikon après clutch and Shannon Shiang trilliant druzy ring; Sienna Ray antique jewelry babette cross body/pouchette.)

INSTAGRAM @natkathleen @siennaraybags @kajallondon @shannonshiang

Event Review: Adornment @ WAN.DER.LUST SoHo

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The mixer of the art world meets accessories, meets a whole lot of everything…!

It was a full house last Friday at 72 Wooster Street in SoHo. The crowd of eclectic young/old, creative/finance were there to explore the entertainment and shop the wonderfully curated mix of local underground artists and nyc accessory designers including AEA Jewelry, Shannon Shiang New York and Cestsla Jewelry – a sure inspiration for the first preview of Sienna Ray’s new lambskin jewelry collection!

 lots of love for WAN.DER.LUST

sienna ray cross body golden bliss

beautiful beatrice falls in love with NEW 'brooklyn' cap in antique jewelry

NEW lambskin studded quadra wrap bracelet

full house @ WAN.DER.LUST

fanfare love

gorgeous gals @ AEA jewelry

eye catching evening entertainment!

arriving in creative style

all in all a beautiful show!


From top: lots of love for WAN.DER.LUST; sienna ray cross body golden bliss; beautiful beatrice falls in love with NEW ‘brooklynne’ cap in antique jewelry; NEW lambskin studded quadra wrap bracelet; full house @ WAN.DER.LUST; fanfare love; gorgeous gals @ AEA jewelry; eye catching evening entertainment!; arriving in creative style; all in all a beautiful show!

Photograph 5,7,10 with thanks & credit to Ruprecht Studios who was showing his incredible pieces for the duration of WAN.DER.LUST.



it’s the subtle superstars along our paths that make it all worthwhile…

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Jonas + the jona

I know we’re always posting about the beautiful women who inspires us, enrich our desires & passion to dream and reach for the stars…. however there’s no need to be sexist here, there are often very special men in our lives that deserve a spotlight as well.

Today (in great honorary of my new love for #ThrowbackThursday!) I would like to take a moment to thank a dear dear friend of mine.

Jonas has enjoyed many ’5 minutes of fame’ along his journey of life up to this point: with great success through TV + Film, owning a thriving Fashion Boutique in Brasil, astounding recognition as an interior designer and winning great accolades as a top host in the Rocky Mountains of Canada – to name just a few!

I am proud to say I’ve offered him up another, with giving him a gigantic piece of my heart for being such an influencer in the first footsteps of Sienna Ray… it’s on his very kitchen table that the first bag of Sienna Ray was created; with his genuine love to see me succeed that boosted my confidence to step into the world of handbag design.

Therefore I was able to share forward with you all a gift from Jonas, naturally he became the muse & name behind my effortlessly chic jona clutch. Always being up for a good time, big or small (ok not sure if Jonas understands ‘small’ as everything he touches in this world is extraordinary!) each moment alongside him is always special.

This little jona clutch grew along the first years of Sienna Ray with many tweaks and updates… with many of you making me feel honored by sharing, to this day, how you still use your clutches from five plus years ago – love you!

Sienna Ray xx

what to do this easter wknd in chelsea?

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Come join my good friend and talented menswear designer this weekend at his gorgeous studio in Chelsea. Kai D, along with Kajal of EbK Eyewear are hosting a spring Friends+Family sale.

Great selection of spring menswear and vintage eyewear. Plus a few limited edition handbags from Emalle NY along with a selection of our leather loafers and gladiator sandals.

Come by to shop and enjoy some sunshine on the patio, I know that’s where’ll I’ll be!

-Natalie xx


Kai D Utility Friends & Family Sale 2-avenue-SQUARE 3-SiennaRay_ss12_thelma+louise_bedford-SQUARE 4-thelma-SQUARE

Kai D Utility @

161 West 22nd Street 3rd Floor

New York NY 10011

Sat + Sun Mar 30/31 noon-6:30pm

Sienna Ray enters the world of ‘bespoke’ with custom home furniture!

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…well for the selected few to start – aka for the humble abode of own, my NYC pied-à-terre to be exact.

It’s a “cozy” kind of place. Truly makes up for lack of space with a splash of character here and there. Hence, why not take the opportunity to customize a few things. And as many are already are aware of, I have a little thing known as a love for soft silky leather!

Process was by far a ‘learn as I go’ experience. Just the way I like it, throwing myself head first into the challenge. Watch as I turn IKEA into Sienna Ray with a few simple tools and a ton of patience:

Nº 1 discover the perfect base, using cheap + cheerful IKEA klippan sofa

Nº 1 discover the perfect base, cheap + cheerful IKEA klippan sofa

Nº 2 select the leathers!

Nº 2 select the leathers!

Nº 3 one layer at a time...

Nº 3 one layer at a time...

Nº4 and then really start to make a mess!

Nº4 and then really start to make a mess!

Nº5 ask me the story about the 'upside down stapler...!'

Nº5 ask me the story about the 'upside down stapler...!'

Nº6 bonus workout conditions flipping a sofa ten times...

Nº6 bonus workout conditions flipping a sofa ten times...

Nº7 and let's not forget about matching pillows

Nº7 and let's not forget about matching pillows

Nº8 and voila a Sienna Ray Sofa!

Nº8 and voila a Sienna Ray Sofa!

Nº9 view from above

Nº9 view from above

Nº10 can you tell I'm proud of this little baby!?

Nº10 can you tell I'm proud of this little baby!?

Nº11 mister dogbear equally likes his new home.

Nº11 mister dogbear equally likes his new home.

..stay tuned for more Sienna Ray Bespoke!

International Womens Day : Vancouver inspirations in the life of Sienna Ray

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International Womens Day : Vancouver inspirations in the life of Sienna Ray

Straight up. Yes simple as a THANK-YOU to these wonderful women. It’s your confidence that drew me towards you and your genuine character that keeps me coming back for more. Cheesy but true you are my #HomeTownHeros!

Each of you have been an integral part of the growth of Sienna Ray. From humbled home-sewn classics to passionate photoshoots, with much advice and encouragement along the way.

Celebrate International Womens Day by recognizing the amazing ladies there for you now and helped you & your business evolve into the success it is today.

The journey has only just begun…

-Natalie xx

Inspiration Business Women forming the roots of Sienna Ray in Vancouver (in some-what clockwise from top left order): stylist Deanna Palkowski, Jacqueline Tupper of LORDS Shoes, advisor Ashley Avinashi, Miriam Alden of Brunette Showroom,  Marilyn Wilson of Marilyns of West Vancouver, Rebecca Philps senior editor at Vancouver Magazine, make-up artist Rebecca Lee, Jeanine Tychkowsky of Sutro Salon, Donni-Rae Edmondson of Priviledge Clothing, Jane McFadden and Megan Maxwell of Fine Finds, Tawnya Busch of Lexington Models, Marianne & Melissa Jurcevic of Hum Clothing, Marion Fudge of Tenth+Proper, KristinAnn Janishefski of The VanGuardPR, Brenda Wong of ModelCo and the Fashion Academic Director of The Art Institute, jazz vocalist Jaclyn Guillou, Kathie & Alisa of Wish.List Boutique, business advisor Lydia Taylor, Kylee Simpson & Tiffany Dobson of Suasion Boutique.

talent tuesday: ballet flats from toms shoes

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We’re all a fan of being comfortable and looking fabulous at the same time. Toms brand has definitely mastered the art of combining both. Their first collection of ballet flats are set to be released spring 2012. They are to be sold at an upscale  line at Neiman Marcus for about $125, and a core collection for other retailers, which will retail between $74 and $79. Here are pictures of the already- coveted shoes.

must have print for spring 2012

oh so pretty! - spring 2012

this beauty, available in stores

the infamous wedge- almost out of stock!

talent tuesday: krochet kids, “Buy a hat. Change a life.”

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Happy talent tuesday! I’m excited to say I was pleasantly intrigued by a Bing commercial that featured a certain business called Krochet Kids.

Here’s their philosophy:

“We provide a job so that women can meet the present needs of their families.

We educate them so that they develop beyond the need for outside aid.

We provide mentorship to help each lady plan a unique and sustainable career path for the future.”

Pretty impressive right? Their products are gorgeous too. If it wasn’t for my previous internship at Eugenia Kim hats and hair accessories, I totally would be purchasing everything they offer!

fall collection

spring collection

hair accessories

the three mustakeers (founders)

 Krochet Kids

talent tuesday: Anya, Project runway season 9

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Nine years ago when the first season of Project Runway launched, I used to watch it and think garments made in the show were over the top and too couture (my lack of appreciation for design). I tuned in to project runway recently and was surprised at how in love I am with some of the designers’ work!

Anya Ayoung-Chee designed garments pictured below out of bed sheets and PJs. The judges were critical of her sewing skills since she stated she had learned how to sew not to long before Project Runway started. After her model walked the runway, the judges were blown away. They loved the garments! Her work was amazing

first time making pants!

sexy back

my personal favorite- boxers and bed sheets by Bert Keeter

project runway 

travelled thursday: mobile fashion, convoluted construct

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Pop up stores and businesses like Cool Haus has taken retailing to the next level. This weekend while in Soho, I stumbled upon the 83 Anomaly, an installation disguised truck that houses Convoluted Construct, a line of art inspired graphic tees. Now next time you go shopping, would you rather make it an experiential one, or would you rather visit a traditional store.

the interior looks even more amazing

their fabric business card

Convoluted Construct 

well-dressed wednesday: chiara ferragni of the blonde salad

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fab exclusive visit at Guerlain cosmetics (LVMH headquarters)

after attending a Mulberry party

Cannes red carpet

Who: Chiara Ferragni. Student, fashion blogger, and shoe designer.

When: Started in October, 2009

Why: Wears fabulous, dreamily high end designer labels. She attends exclusive events like the Cannes red carpet, Mulberry party, and frequents fashion week shows. Her blog is definitely fun, exciting, and different. She also features her adorable pug every once in a while.

talent tuesday: derek lam

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Meeting a fashion designer, your role model, or w celebrity in person is always exciting. This Saturday I was blesses with the presence of Derek Lam, guest speaker of Fashion Camous NYC’s first annual networking event. Derek was incredible and the talk was super inspiring. Here’s some snippets from the interview:

Q: What drew you to fashion and what sustains you to it?
A: I’ve always been creative. Collaborating with people is my forte, hence, creating a brand made sense.I love thatyou get immediate feedback from consumers.

Q: What’s a typical week like for you?
A: Meetings on top of meetings. This week I’ve had to put all the ducks together and get work started. I oversee all aspects of the business: retail, overhead, shoe, production, etc. I think every opportunity can be a creative opportunity.

Q: What are the highs and lows?
A: They’re indefinite. A review a review. The problem is sometimes you loose value in the things you make by the time constraint.

Q: best part of the fashion industry?
A: you get to tap into culture and reflect that through design right away. The initial inspiration is still there when your product comes out.

Lastly, I’d like to quote a short short but sweet words of Derek,
“if you’re studying medicine, maybe you should stop if you’re interested in fashion.”

pondering a question during Q & A

Mr. Derek Lam!

surrounded by fans

feminine friday: engagement rings

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I’ve recently been watching the CWTV’s Shedding For the Wedding show. It got me thinking about which kind of an engagement ring I’d want in the (not near) future. It’s normal to ponder these things right? Or have I been influenced by my friends who, on our senior trip, flipped through magazines in search of the perfect wedding dress. What do you think of my find (assuming Mr. Right is very wealthy)?

might hurt someone's eyes when in sun

beautiful ring, but I'm afraid the rock will fall off!

I'm a sucker for pearls

Jacob & Co., GelinAbaci and Mikimoto

talent tuesday: oliver peoples eyewear

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An investment worth making? A good pair of optics or sunglasses. They are great fashion accessories that help you look sophisticated, mysterious, and smart. Take good care of your specs and they will last you years.

Yesterday I had forgotten to bring my glasses to work. My eyes were crying for help by the end of the day, they were so strained! If I had a pair of stylish Oliver peoples optics, I would probably wear it 24/7 and never have to go a day being blind at work again!

nice frames

eye candy?

my personal favorite

the gregory peck

Oliver Peoples, distinctive luxury eyeglasses

modern monday: jonathan adler

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You may be surprised at how rearranging a few pieces of furniture in a room makes it look completely different. I love the idea of room make overs. It gives you a chance to move furniture around, clean, and possibly find lost items that have fallen behind your dresser or night stand.

Jonathan Adler is a modern furniture designer that I absolutely adore. Check out the pics of his work below.

amazing chairs

fashionably modern

fun and colorful

love the pillow accent

Jonathan Adler

talent tuesday: max azria, resort 2012

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Resort 2012, unlike the fall where everything was about skin tight skinny jeans and jeggings, is all about volume and fluidity. I’m happy to say, now that clothes don’t hug every curve of my body, I feel a little better about treating myself to a nice ice cream sundae every so often.

Here are some of my favorite  pieces from the Resort 2012 collection. Photo

dress with movement


striking clothes, striking pose

fluid in blue


celebrate memorial day weekend with the ideal Hampton’s Beach Tote by Sonia O’Mara!

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Yesterday I had the great pleasure of endless conversation over a coffee date with Sonia O’Mara. I was truly inspired by her genuine & real character – extremely welcoming and a much needed treat within my weeks of running around nyc.

Bonus, with a tour through her Union Square studio I was impressed with not only viewing her lovely array of toile printed handbags but also the heart behind her new accessories collection: the painted works of art. I’m learning lately how we all truly love the story behind the scenes. Very fitting to this, I was grateful to listen to the reminiscing of the making of many pieces, including her special “tricks” to keeping the cutest young twin boys sitting patiently & still long enough to perfect a commision for thier parents…!

Timing with the ever-so-welcoming memorial day long weekend upon us, I want to share Sonia’s showstopper Market Bag with you. The perfect companion for hitting the sunshining beaches in style!

Sonia & daughters in Bridgehampton

oversized tote with Sonia's original Hampton's sketches

beach days of summer here I come!

Further info on Sonia O’Mara here.