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Well said by miss Audrey Hepburn.

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Sienna Ray meets Audrey Hepburn

Trio of richness babette handbag + brooklynne cap with antique jewelry matilda cuff.

© 2013 Aisha Singleton Photography

the summer goddess glow : #heartbraid

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happy & stylish heart braid

Fashion Week is back around the corner – means get ready for style inspiration coming at you from every angle. I personally love the hair and makeup walking down the catwalk. How they want to make the girls get noticed for their beauty yet must keep eyes on the prize of the new collection. Let’s see if this new take on the braid (which I personally refer to as a plait in the english manor!) hits to paparazzi snaps next week!?

the summer goddess glow : #creamsicle

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summer goddess glow #creamsicle

We all know pink & red are the ways to play it safe with our luscious lips… and I don’t know about you, but the bright crayola colored lips are a bit too way-out-there for me to jump on that current trend bandwagon!

Needless to say I found a happy medium solution today!

So extra fitting, this soft creamsilce orange shade keeps the final lingering days of summer at the forefront of my smile.

lotions + potions : #BirdsOfAFeather

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toucan inspired nails #birdsofafeather

..well the parrot is the queen of mockery. And we all know a little copy-cat action is the finest form of flattery!

Loving the color combo here, with a side twist of art deco and voila you’re weekly nails-to-get-noticed are ready to go.


lotions + potions : #Ombre

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blue outline copy2


It’s time to live on the edge. You’ve seen your girlfriends rockin’ the ombre nails. Now it’s your turn to stand out on the edge. (Or as this picture above on the cute side of the edge)

Here’s the step by step of how to do ombre, add your creative flare for an outline look.


the summer goddess glow : #LushLashes

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ca. 2009 --- Amanda Seyfried --- Image by © Roberto D'Este/Corbis Outline




“My eyes always tell the truth, directly sharing all the emotion of each moment. Hence show-stopping lashes are an essential for the everyday makeup routine!”     -Sienna Ray xx

From top to bottom: the always there-for-you Mac Opulash Optimum black mascara; Sienna Ray’s fav selection Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara; tried tested and adorned Lancome Definicils Waterproof Mascara

lotions + potions : #BeadedNails

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Beads aren’t just for dresses anymore, treat your nails. Bring beaded sophistication to your nail beads, don’t they deserve it?

the summer goddess glow : #AuNaturel

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Let’s embrace the natural beauty we all behold – and when better to present our fresh faces to the world during the warm (and often sweat endured!) days of summer… add a simple touch of rosy cheek & lips and you’re set to show off your goddess glow!

lotions + potions : #ChalkboardNails

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chalkboard nails2

A picture says a thousand words – write your own story and present it to the world one hand at a time!

the summer goddess glow : #BobbyPinDIY

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Boy it sure is summertime outside these days! The heat has arrived.

And if you’re like me, there are more “up-do” days when the temps are this high… so it’s time to get playfully creative!

Here’s a take on the average at-ease bun: dig into the bottom of your make-up bag and grab a few of those bobbin pins to accessorize a light and easy fresh look for your day!


Step 1Fresh clean hair always feels and looks best. Use your typical lotions and potions, dry hair smooth with a paddle brush for a smooth base.

Step 2Pull hair back from the face and secure into a low side ponytail. Wrap ends up and around, creating a loose, twisted bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 3Use a contrasting color of bobby pins to make a row of chevrons (learn something new everyday, I had no clue that’s what this design is called!). Black pins are a good choice for blondes; silver would be better for dark strands. Slide one pin in on a diagonal, then a second pin through the first to create a stable v shape. Repeat until desired pattern is created.

Step 4Step back, glance yourself in the mirror, smile at the beautiful you.

the summer goddess glow : #BubbleGumLips

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the summer goddess glow - #bumble gum lip LIP TAR



the summer goddess glow - #bumble gum lip NARS

the summer goddess glow - #bumble gum lip MAC


“Pink lipstick is so my thing this year, the easiest pop-of-color accessory to any look!”

-Sienna Ray xx

From top to bottom: Cara Delevingne; Model wearing Lip Tar in Anime; Doutzen Kroes wearing Nars Turkish Delight; contrast your colors with MAC Devine Choice.

COACHELLA 2013 : style rundown

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New York seemed a touch less stylish this last week – oh yes that’s as the who’s who of the fashionable ladies hit the west for a proper warm up to spring!

A few of our favorite bloggers & designers show their goods off oh so well…

Coachella LOGO 2013 style Coachella 2013 style Top Rouge Cristina Coradona Coachella 2013 style Song Of Style Aimee Song Coachella 2013 style Natalie Off Duty Natalie Suarez Coachella 2013 style Sienna Miller Kelly Osbourne Coachella 2013 style Electric Picks MJ Barton Coachella 2013 style Peace Love Shea Marie

From top: @songofstyle, @troprouge, @NatalieOffDuty, Sienna Miller + Kelly Osbourne, @complexis & @ElectricPicks, and last but not least all that looking good can get tiring… @PeaceLoveShea

Love ya ladies!

-Sienna Ray xx

International Womens Day : Vancouver inspirations in the life of Sienna Ray

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International Womens Day : Vancouver inspirations in the life of Sienna Ray

Straight up. Yes simple as a THANK-YOU to these wonderful women. It’s your confidence that drew me towards you and your genuine character that keeps me coming back for more. Cheesy but true you are my #HomeTownHeros!

Each of you have been an integral part of the growth of Sienna Ray. From humbled home-sewn classics to passionate photoshoots, with much advice and encouragement along the way.

Celebrate International Womens Day by recognizing the amazing ladies there for you now and helped you & your business evolve into the success it is today.

The journey has only just begun…

-Natalie xx

Inspiration Business Women forming the roots of Sienna Ray in Vancouver (in some-what clockwise from top left order): stylist Deanna Palkowski, Jacqueline Tupper of LORDS Shoes, advisor Ashley Avinashi, Miriam Alden of Brunette Showroom,  Marilyn Wilson of Marilyns of West Vancouver, Rebecca Philps senior editor at Vancouver Magazine, make-up artist Rebecca Lee, Jeanine Tychkowsky of Sutro Salon, Donni-Rae Edmondson of Priviledge Clothing, Jane McFadden and Megan Maxwell of Fine Finds, Tawnya Busch of Lexington Models, Marianne & Melissa Jurcevic of Hum Clothing, Marion Fudge of Tenth+Proper, KristinAnn Janishefski of The VanGuardPR, Brenda Wong of ModelCo and the Fashion Academic Director of The Art Institute, jazz vocalist Jaclyn Guillou, Kathie & Alisa of Wish.List Boutique, business advisor Lydia Taylor, Kylee Simpson & Tiffany Dobson of Suasion Boutique.

sienna ray admires :: diane williams

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My name is Diane Williams. I am a grandmum, and an executive with NuSkin Enterprises. We help people feel healthier and look younger, and empower them to build financial security. This makes me very happy.

I recently went on a wonderful Mediterranean cruise, and I took my Sienna Ray bag with me. It was the perfect companion – next to my husband. I typically carry everything in my bag – phone, makeup, notebook, wallet, brush, breathspray, and business planner.  And while travelling, of course, I needed to add a camera, passport, map and hand sanitizer.

Everything fits neatly into my wonderful bag.  And it looks slim, trim and beautiful. I absolutely love my Sienna Ray bag!

Learn more about the lovely Diane at

diane williams with her capri jovie

diane & her capri jovie hit the canals of venice!

diane's always beaming a gorgeous smile, especially on her tour of the mediterranean

diane's always beaming a gorgeous smile, especially on her tour of the mediterranean

that little bag went everywhere with her & how glam with her gorgeous angel hair!

that little bag went everywhere with her & how glam with her gorgeous angel hair!

musical mondays: AMA Awards Fashion Recap…Love it or Hate it?!

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The question of the night that's got everyone buzzing- did j.Lo copy britney spears' nude bodysuit look? My answer= NO! This fashion diva looks fab & is working it (even after two kids)


Taylor stole the show! (with awards & her fashion) This 21-year-old country superstar won artist of the year, the ceremony's highest accolade. You go girl!


HATE IT! I know your trying to make a rocker girl statement- but the shoes + terrible hair was not flattering to say the least. (baby your the firework tonight...literally)


All grown up! Power couple of the year looked "old hollywood glam" last night and we LOVE IT.


The "black barbie" looks like a green balloon! I love you nicki and at least you take risks...but your stylist should be fired.


WOW! This 90's feminist hippie cleans up beautifuly. Simple, elegant, and figure flattering...we LOVT IT!


this genie does NOT fit in the bottle anymore! Cristina we love you & know that you are a mom now- we are ALL for curvy figures but girl WEAR SOMETHING THAT FITS! One wrong move & you'll be pulling a janet jackson.



trendy tips tuesday: Goodbye Jersey Shore-Hello to UV Free Sun Kissed Glow!

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snookie jersey shore

terrible poof & terrible tan


uv free tan

perfect tan with no damage- spray booth


self tanning lotions

top of the line uv free self tanning products


Hey ladies, fall is here and it is coming to that time of the year- put those bathing suits away and pull out the sweaters. No more beach doesn’t have to mean no more tan! A healthy sun kissed glow goes perfectly with every outfit no natter what season you are in.  I wonder if someone told Snooki that UV exposure can causes dry leathery skin.  Not only does it look bad-but it’s essentially melanoma waiting to happen. There are 100’s of sunless tanning products out there, and these days that orange look is a thing of the past. Bye-bye carrot and hello beautiful! One great option is a spray tan- if you can’t afford personal application by a professional, try the booths.  The west way to go is self-tanning -beauty experts have now perfect these products to provide the most natural look.  After much research and personal options from fellow women, the best products on the market right now are: Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing lotion, Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel, Jergens Natural Glow Express, and L’Occitane Sunshine Lotion.  Remember pale is stale and tan is trendy.

feminine friday: healthy looking skin with rodin olio lusso

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It’s important for women to take care of skin in order for it to age “gracefully”. According to the healthy skin bible, sunscreen must be put on every day and reapplied every so often through out the day. The most overlooked rule is definitely moisturization. It is an quick and easy step that makes a huge significant difference on the complexion of your skin.

Rodin Olio Lusso here makes oil products for the face, body, and hair. Luxurious ingrediants like jasmine, rose hip seed, sweet almond, jojoba, calendula, and many more are used in the products. Even the packaging looks luxurious and expensive.

their face and body oil, lip balm, and luxury hair oil


 rodin olio lusso

feminine friday: celebrity Maltese

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cyrus & sophie


Don’t these celebrities look great with their maltese? They’re so small, fluffy, and loving!

feminine friday: benefit cosmetics

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Good make up can totally change your look and appearance. I for one have an issue with dark circles. They make you look tired and unhealthy. Your appearance is important because your  co-workers or friends’ view of you matters. To awaken your look try putting on concealer where necessary, mascara on the lashes, and blush on the cheeks. See pictures below what a difference make up does!

erase paste. perfect for really dark under eye circles

eye bright. highlights eyes, cheeks, and nose bridge

eye candy for the Summer.. yummy

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So with bikini season approaching very fast I came across these excellent classes that are getting rid of the extra winter baggage…

Word on the street is that this Core Fusion programs beats all others around with their modern ballet infused aerobics PLUS the bonus toosh clencher is that the instructor on Friday mornings at their Gansevoort Meat Packing location looks, sounds and acts just like Matthew McConaughey! Maybe even a little better looking, if that’s even possible.


extreme ballet Jane Fonda style workout!

extreme ballet Jane Fonda style workout!

my dream trainer




More info on Exhale Spa classes, locations etc. can be found here.

our favorite FRESH skin care offers us choice: save vs splurge

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One often faces a lot of questions in life. A question that I often ponder is whether to save or to splurge. Well ponder no more because Fresh has two great facial offers- they’re so good you’ll just have to get them both!

Save:  Make the most of your buying power with sample products from the quick, five minute facial that is done on the selling floor. The Refresh Spa Express treatment is available at most Fresh locations*, convenient to pop in on an afternoon stroll or even pre-evening out with your ladies.

Splurge: the full service, Refresh Spa will leave you feeling like a million bucks. The full value of your spa experience – from facials to full body massages to makeup lessons – can be redeemed for products of your choice. There really is no catch to this great deal. How can you not justify a “free” spa experience because you know you want to buy all their yummy products anyways!

you deserve a little relaxing treat....

you deserve a little relaxing treat....



*check website for location details