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a mom moment

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I had the timely pleasure of a birds eye perspective on a very lucky little girls 10th birthday party yesterday afternoon. It was literally view a from above of a neighboring courtyard at my current residence in the west vilage of nyc, where a overly energetic and organized mother had arranged numerous games and stations of activities for the multiple of children to engage themselves in along with the lucky birthday girl – complete with a pretty piñata and a build your own ice cream Sunday parfait! The best part was that i could see the event was the glowing essence that all was put on with the same genuine, at-home pride my mom naturally shared throughout my childhood and into my adult life. The same natural enthusiasm she shared for the duration of each and every annual holidays she also shared between multiple weekly sporting events, family vacations, shopping days out and really even just every night at the dinner table.  Always proudly to express that she was “my biggest sports fan”. At times embarrassing but now enamoring.

So many memories created, so many more to come.

Happy mothers day.

Love, your baby girl xx

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